Mortgage Group

Due to the massive constriction and restructuring of the mortgage industry, small to medium-size banks are in need of processes that will both manage risk and increase production. This will happen when they have the ability to attract and retain good quality loan officers, improve the quality of loan files, increase productivity and maintain compliance with all the new regulations of the agencies, investors and federal government.

To meet these needs HPG, through its Mortgage Group, offers a variety of solutions focused at the needs of the small to medium-size mortgage banking market.



The key features of the High Performance Group difference are…

  • Proven Systems and Processes
  • Scaleable Solutions
  • Customized Solutions
  • Cost Effective
  • Communication Integration Design


  • Branch Recruiting Campaigns… National, Regional, Local
  • Selection and Management for Web and Print Media in Recruiting
  • National Lead Company Relationships
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Compliant Direct Mail Strategies
  • Customized Flyers
  • Corporate Brochure
  • Branch Web Site Design, Development and Management
  • Video Production for TV, Website or Email
  • Weekly Executive Broadcast (THX Certified Audio)
  • Podcast (THX Certified Audio)
  • Email Broadcasting & Drip Marketing Campaigns
  • Web Marketing
  • Social Media Strategies for Lead Generation and Originator Support


  • Training Assessment
  • Curriculum Design
  • Customized Courseware
  • LMS (Learning Management System) Hosting
  • Branch Manager Training
  • Loan Officer Training
  • Processor Training
  • Systems Training
  • Sales Training
  • Non-Traditional Lead Development Strategies
  • Management Training
  • Product Training
  • Forward Mortgages
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Podcast & iTunes Content Development

The ABC of Customer Service

    • CS100 – Achieve a Relationship: How to Build Instant Rapport
    • CS101 – Boil Down the Issue: How to Identify the Urgent Need
    • CS102 – Create Action: How to Satisfy the Customer and Exceed Expectations

Forward Mortgage Courses

    • FM100 – The 1003 as a Lead Source
    • FM101 – Conventional Mortgages & Cash Flow Planning
    • FM102 – The New Home Buying Event
    • FM103 – Developing Realtor / Developer “Partners”
    • FM104 – Equity Debt Transfer – To Create Greater Financial Security

Reverse Mortgage Courses

    • RM100 – About Reverse Mortgages
    • RM101 – The Reverse Mortgage & Retirement Income Maximization
    • RM102 – The Reverse Mortgage & Social Security Maximization
    • RM103 – The Reverse Mortgage & Long Term Care
    • RM104 – The Reverse Mortgage & Intergenerational College Tuition Funding

Basic Sales Training via WebCast

    • BST100 – It Pays to Specialize
    • BST101 – Dissecting the Sales Process
    • BST102 – Proper Prospect Profiling
    • BST103 – The First Contact   How to Favorably Introduce Yourself
    • BST104 – The First Contact   Learn Customers Primary Objectives
    • BST105 – The First Contact   Develop Rapport and Confidence
    • BST106 – The First Contact   Educate Customer on Process
    • BST107 – Making the Presentation
    • BST108 – Creating Customer Confidence
    • BST109 – How to Obtain Referrals
    • BST110 – Building Your Future Business