Call Center Group

HPG has produced a powerful trilogy of call center training courses in customer service, collections and telemarketing. The classroom training was developed by R. Edward Turner, Ph.D. For the CD and online version, HPG teamed up with Dr. Ken Smith… one of the recognized e-learning authorities in North America.

These include…

              • The ART of Customer Service*
              • It’s Time to Pay
              • Ask for the Business… and Get It!

*The ART of Customer Service won the coveted 1997 Product of the Year Award from Call Center Magazine.

Kelly  Services, the worldwide leader in call center workforce solutions, is using The ART of Customer Service in all of its international call center training locations. The ART of Customer Service.


Under the brand FirstCall, HPG is developing a new suite of call center training courseware using some of the latest developments in elearning courseware design… RLO (Reuseable Learning Objects) and EES (Environmental Emulation Software).


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